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Implants are ideal replacements for a missing tooth, or missing teeth.  An implant is a titanium screw that is surgically placed under the tissue in bone.  The final product usually contains three pieces --the part that replaces the root, the implant crown and the connector (middle) part.  Implants can replace a missing space without the need to involve more teeth, such as a bridge restoration.   In the past bridges were the only option, involving what we call "virgin" teeth or perfectly healthy teeth.  The best time to get an implant for a missing tooth is typically 3-4 months following an extraction, that's when the bone has filled in and it has the most bone.  If an implant is not placed and there is a missing tooth, slowly overtime we'll see changes in the bone dimension, decreasing the width and size of the ridge.  It's Long term studies have shown a success rate of 92-98%.